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The French margins project that coordinates cross disciplinary research on continental margins in order to develop new concepts with an important impact for society, resources and risk assessment.

Major scientific questions

Actions Marges is a large French coordination program aims a cross disciplinary research on passive continental margin in order to develop new concepts that have an important impact for society, for resources and for risk assessment. Actions Marges is now in a second phase running from 2012-2016.




The major scientific questions that are dealt with within the Actions Marges program are:
1. The mechanisms of extreme extension and thinning of the lithosphere
2. The rheological and thermal heritage and evolution during and after rifting
3. The role of magmatic processes on the development and evolution of margins
4. Deciphering within the sedimentary architecture of the interaction between climate, erosion, sedimentary flux and lithospheric deformation
5. Understanding of the carbons resources (transport and preservation of OM, gas hydrates)
6. Understanding the sources, migration and escape of fluids, and the sedimentary and structural control of the fluid flow
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Actions Marges is focusing on 2 geographic zones and 4 specific themes:

  • Main study areas: (1) Aden-Afar-South-Red Sea & (2) Western Mediterranean
  • Thematic groups: (1) Origin and Evolution of Margins, (2) Sedimentary Systems, (3) Vertical Movements & (4) Fluids, Organic Matter and Minerals

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