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origin/evolution, sedimentary systems, vertical movements & fluids/OM

Structure & Sponsors

Actions Marges is a large French coordination program that has been launched in 2008 in order to focus the continental margin research on a cross disciplinary research and develop new concepts that have an important impact for society, for resources and for risk assessment. Actions Marges is coordinated by INSU with financial contribution of TOTAL, CNRS, BRGM, IFREMER. After a first phase between 2008-2011, the program is now in a second phase running from 2012-2015.

The Western Mediterranean is one of the study areas designated to focus the research actions of the Actions Marges project and known under the acronym MEDOCC (Méditerranée Occidentale). The other focus site is Aden-Afar. In addition, four big themes has been defined for study outside these two focus areas: transform margins, sedimentary systems, fluids, and vertical movements.

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